is a operated by a group of dedicated bicycle enthusiasts who have been testing and using GPS technology on bicycles for several years. We have used the Garmin hardware and software to do unguided bicycle trips across the Unites States as well as Europe.

We believe that GPS receivers provide not only a safer means to navigating a route, but a much more enjoyable way to ride as well.

Gone are the days of stopping and unfolding cumbersome maps. Now you can:

  • Never get lost on a new bike route again
  • Create interesting routes in the comfort of your home
  • Discover new bicycle rides you never had time to check out
  • Share routes with other riders without having to be there in person
  • Know exactly how far it is to the end of the ride at any time
  • Know exactly when the sun will set on any given ride day
  • Record interesting locations to come back to
  • Profile your elevation gain
  • Know exactly where that road goes you have been always wondering about
  • No holding up the ride leader; you can ride at your own pace.